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If you want to start your own business, you must first come up with a good company name. After all, the company name stands for your company and must be in line with the services you offer. Once you have built up a name and customer base, you probably won't be changing the name of your sole proprietorship very quickly. Once you have made a choice for a company name, first check with the Chamber of Commerce whether there are no other companies with the same name.

So there is a lot to consider to start as a freelancer or handyman. That is why you will find knowledge articles on in addition to projects and jobs. The knowledge articles with information for the freelancer and handyman about independent entrepreneurship are part of In the knowledge articles, various topics are discussed and highlighted that will help you to get started in independent entrepreneurship.

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You have to create an invoice and send it to your client, but you have no idea about invoice requirements and invoice numbering? The customer asks you for a quote, but you have no idea how to make a good quote? To help you, you can download various examples of invoices and quotations from and use them to create your own invoice or quotation in your house style and with your own logo.


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